The Jennings School District mission is to strive for a safe, caring environment where students with educational and social challenges can best develop skills and character necessary to have success in society. We believe that education is the shared responsibility of student, home, school and community.

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Night School - Serving students who needed after school tutoring or who need to make up courses they were unsuccessful with in high school

Credit Recovery - The Credit Recovery Program blends face-to-face and online learning.  The program provides students a structured means to recover credit in order to graduate.

Missouri Options - Missouri Options is a program designed for a specific group of students who have the ability to meet regular high school graduation requirements, but have fallen behind in the the accumulation of credits.  The program represents an alternative route to high school graduation.

JETS In-School Suspension - A structured supervised program for students in lieu of an unsupervised, unstructured out of school suspension.  Students complete courses from their home school.

Community Service - Students serve the Jennings community through the school district-operated food bank.